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Private Dog Training sessions are offered outdoors following social distancing regulations or via live virtual sessions.
Dog Walking and Dog Daycare is operating Monday through Friday with modified pick up and drop off protocols and increased hygiene routine. Further information to be discussed during your FREE initial phone consultation.

Dog Walking

Our walking services encompass a wide variety of options to provide for the well being and physical needs of your active large or small dog. Adventure Pack walks or hikes encourage the healthy social interaction of our small packs in fun, active and natural environments, while our solo walks provide attentive one-on-one time with our experienced, animal-loving dog walkers.

Our Dog Walking Services and Packages

Adventure Pack Walk

5 days a week Adventure Package

Potty Break: 15 minutes, *ideal for puppies and senior dogs*

Solo Dog Walk & Train: w/ our resident trainer

Solo Dog Walk

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I have never had a professional dog walker before. What should I expect?
Give us a call or email us through our website. We will answer any initial questions and set up a complimentary in home consultation. We will discuss your pet’s history, the optimal service you and your pooch could use, we will supply some paperwork for you to fill out, and answer any questions you may have. This is also the time to supply us with a copy of your house key.

What makes you a ‘professional’ dog walker?
There are lots of casual dog walkers out there, so do your research and find what suits you and your dogs needs the best. We are ‘professional’ in that we have been operating since 2011, are a registered, licensed, and insured business. We keep up to date and adhere to municipal dog bylaws, our staff is pet first aid certified, and we go above and beyond in our standards for animal welfare and customer service.

How do you transport the dogs to and from?
Dogs are transported safely in very dog-proofed vehicles. Our trucks have soft rubber matting, tie ups, tinted windows and are well ventilated with RV cooling air fans. On hot days, we park in the shade whenever possible and always have a fresh water supply. Please note: all staff is pet first aid certified and all vehicles carry a pet first aid kit.

Are there special requirements my dog needs to meet in order to walk in a group?
We highly suggest regular flea and tick prevention due to the direct contact with other dogs. Dogs must have an up-to-date city license with their current city of residence. Dogs must wear an ID tag with their name and owners contact details on it at all times. Dogs attending pack walks must have no history of bolting, either on or off leash, must be friendly towards humans, and exhibit no aggression towards other dogs. Each dog will be assessed on an individual basis during our initial consultation and their first couple of walks with us.

Do you take dogs that haven’t been spayed or neutered?
This is on a case-by-case basis. We would be happy to discuss further via email or phone.

Where do you walk the dogs?
Our group hikes take place on a variety of dog off leash trails and beaches in Burnaby and the surrounding area. Private walks depend on the needs and area of the dogs on those walks.

How do I know if you service my neighborhood?
For dog walking p/u and d/o’s we service Burnaby, selected areas of New Westminster, Coquitlam, and East Vancouver. Please have a look at our service area map on our Home or Contact pages to see if we service your neighborhood.

Will my dog get dirty on a hike?
“Yes!!!” We ask to please leave a towel handy so that we can dry your dog before we let them into your home. We will do our very best to clean and dry your dog but there is a limit as to how much time we can spend on each dog. We are happy to leave your dog in a designated area if you wish – please just let us know.

How do you access my home if I’m not there?
Most clients prefer to give us a copy of their key. However if you prefer to make other arrangements we can discuss that during our initial meeting.

How long are your walks? And how long will my dog be out of the house?
Pack walks are 60 minutes long. However, your dog is typically out for 2-3 hours between pick up and drop off. Solo walks are 60 minutes in length. Potty breaks are 15 minutes.

What if my pet needs medication?
We are trained in pet first aid and experienced at administering medication.

Why choose pack walks versus traditional dog daycare?
A noisy, smelly, and most often chaotic warehouse full of dogs can be a stressful environment for some dogs. We prefer smaller pack sizes where we hike and swim. We think this is much more natural, fun, and healthy for our dogs.

How do I communicate with my dog walker?
We are big on communication and love to hear from our human clients. We supply a doggy diary so you can keep up with your dog’s fun and busy days out with us. We encourage you to contribute by writing in it as well to notify us of any concerns (ie: upset tummy, medication, unusual behaviour etc…), changes, requests, or special instructions needed for that day.

What is your cancellation policy?
Pre-scheduled dog walks cancelled the day prior after 5 pm will be charged in full. Any service cancelled the day of, will be charged in full.

How does payment work?
Invoicing for all dog walks and hikes is done via e-mail. For pet sitting, boarding, and drop in visits, the balance will be due upon your return. We accept payment in cash or Interac e-transfer.

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